Duran Duran Tribute Glasgow

“Duran Duran Tribute Band”


It’s always a daunting task putting together a line up of musicians for a group. When that group is going to be a tribute to Duran Duran, the enduring pioneers of 80’s synth pop and the music video, you really have your work cut out for you….

Back to 2011 and a team of musicians were locked in rehearsals doing just that. Working and polishing a set. A debut gig was looming large –‘Duran Durand’ live at the tall ships festival in Greenock. The rather risky high wire debut paid off and the band were very warmly received by the crowd. The group gigged successfully for the next few years and went on to play repeat stints at rated live music venues including ‘The Ferry Glasgow’ and others around west of Scotland.

Over the years like most bands, the ‘Durand Durand’ line up of musicians has evolved and changed. In 2015 only two of the original founder members remained. Talented multi instrumentalist Jim Adam on bass guitar and virtuoso guitarist Stephen McAllister known on the scene for his previous gigging efforts in Joe Satriani tribute band ‘Alphaproject’. The highly experienced Pat Duffy from ‘Hard Candy’ stepped in on synths to take on the difficult task of recreating the signature soundscapes of Nick Rhodes. Another find came in the form of David Hughes, a young drumming prodigy from ‘Knock on Effect’. This core of four had now moved into their own studio and after a nationwide search and interest from south of the border, Simon le Bon’s best stunt double actually hailed from much closer to home in Inverclyde. The last piece of the jigsaw . . . Michael Lyden of ‘Ten Gallon Bratz’ and 80’s pop champions ‘Party Fears Three’ fame stepped into the breech on vocals.

At the tail end of 2015 Duran Durand re launched themselves at a sell out festive launch party in Inverclyde. It would be safe to say that the Durand team is absolutely back with the strongest team of musicians they have had to date. The next year looks like it will be a busy one for them. You would be hard pressed to find a band that capture the live sound of the real group with the level of authenticity they do. So unless you can take yourself all the way back to 1981, these lads will be the next best thing.

Duran Duran Tribute Glasgow

Duran Durand are:

Pat Duffy – keyboards , synthesisers + backing vocals
Michael Lyden – lead vocals
Jim Adam –bass guitar
David Hughes – drums + percussion
Stephen McAllister – guitar + backing vocals