About Us

My name is John Campbell and I am the director of Ecosse Music Promotions Ltd. Let me tell you a bit about myself and why I felt the need to start Ecosse Music Promotions Ltd. Music has payed a major part in my life now for most of my life and will continue to do so. I have played in bands as a bass player (I still have my 1983 Ric 4001 by the way) and have also sang in many bands over the years both here in the UK and abroad. I have excellent contacts in relation to pubs, clubs and festivals. As a musician I have also experienced the hassle that can be experienced from various promoters that make promises but can't deliver eg; lack of support or contact, bad advertising resulting in low turnout at gigs, overcharging, not promoting you or your band the way you expect to be promoted. Time wasting is something no talented musician or band needs. Talent is special and needs to be treated as such and promoted properly.

Our Goal

Our goal here at Ecosse Music Promotions Ltd. is to be given the chance to bring your talent whether it be solo or group out into public view where it belongs. 

We are a new company registered in Scotland and are really keen to promote and prove ourselves to our clients.

What Makes us Different

We are keen to promote and assist both solo artists and bands. When you join us, you or your band will be featured on our website with any links made available to YouTube in relation to any previously recorded live footage including photographs that might be available.
We will detail you or your bands history along with you or your bands up and coming gigs.

Free Promo Material

We will also provide gig flyers and assist the gig venue in getting its advertising optimised for your gig. Give us a call or complete the attached enquiry form.

We WILL get back to you quickly to set up a meeting to discuss the way forward for you or your band.

Thanks for visiting our website and I look forward to hearing from you! John Campbell  Ecosse Music Promotions Ltd is registered at Companies House in Edinburgh Scotland. Company number SC512599