13th September 2018

Sweet Suzi with John Carroll and Dougie Downie at The Fleetwood Folk and Blues Festival August 2018

Well folks what a weekend we had at The Fleetwood Folk & Blues Festival. If you have never been to this festival before, please get down to Fleetwood FAB next year. You will be glad you did!!  https://www.fleetwoodfolkandblues.com/ From our arrival on the Thursday night we kicked off with a welcome sing around night in the Wyre Lounge in The Marine Hall. We were made most welcome by Festival organiser Rachael Bailey and her team of friends, fellow artists and musicians. It was exciting meeting and listening to some exceptional talent over a few beers of course! Everyone got a chance at performing. (Even I got a chance to sing) A fantastic evening was had by all. On the Friday night Sweet Suzi and John Carroll were in the Acoustic Room in the The Mount. (no amplifiers and no microphones) Here is the links to You Tube to give you an idea of some of what went down! https://www.facebook.com/SWEETSUZISMITH/videos/10212445148627086/?t=0 https://www.facebook.com/SWEETSUZISMITH/videos/10212450634724235/?t=7 On Saturday afternoon Suzi and John Carroll were at the Fringe […]
4th August 2018

Blues In The Basement at the 13th Note. (Session 5) Sunday 26th of August 2018.

Hi Folks, I hope you can manage along this time to our 5th Blues In The Basement Session at The renowned 13th Note in Glasgow City Centre Why not come for Sunday lunch and a few beers at The 13th Note before joining us on our 5th blues session downstairs. Our resident blues man Allan Trotter will be there as usual with his blues band, Paul on bass and Eddie on percussion. You are welcome to bring your musical instrument along and sit in with the boys or play solo if you like. If you want to join in with us on drums or bass then I’m sure Eddie or Paul will only be too glad to accommodate you. If you are a blues band then you can take the floor for a few tunes. This is a jam open to everyone!! We had some first class musicians join us on our 4th blues jam session. I hope some of you guys can manage back again this time around! We […]
3rd August 2018

Double Rock Night Extravaganza at Ivory Blacks Glasgow on Saturday the 25th of August 2018

Well folks this is gonna be a real humdinger of an evening! We have two first class rock bands playing for you on the same night at the famous Ivory Blacks venue in Glasgow’s City Centre. We cant wait for this one!!! Glasgow band ‘After The End’ who are a Black Sabbath tribute band have got to be seen and heard live. They have without doubt, perfectly honed the Sabbath sound. Their singer Andy has an unbelievable young Ozzy Osbourne voice. They take their sound and performance very seriously folks. On guitar we have ace guitar player Craig (Iommi) Buchanan, Ed (Butler)Baird on Bass and Robert (Ward) Devine on percussion. These guys are real rockers and we are sure that Mr Ozzy and his boys would approve of them without doubt! Ayrshire based band ‘Eezily LED’ who are our Led Zeppelin tribute band are real Rock hell raisers. They have been together over a number of years in different formats. Their singer Pat Shaughnessy has a powerfully dynamic rough voice […]
31st July 2018

Sweet Suzi to play a Special Blues In The Basement At The 13th Note on Thursday 6th of September 2018

We are extremely proud to be able to present this seriously talented blues singer back to Scotland once again. If you missed her last time NOW is your chance to hear this powerfully dynamic New York Blues Hall of Fame Inductee perform in our close up and personal blues club at the renowned 13th Note in Glasgow City Centre.  https://sweetsuziband.com/ Suzi will be appearing at our very own Blues Club (Blues in the Basement at The 13th Note) on Thursday September the 6th 2018. She will also be appearing at The George Hotel in Inveraray on Friday the 7th of September before playing at the famous  Big  House Blues Bar in Darwen in Lancashire on Saturday the 8th of September. If you have not heard this incredible singer before then here is a taster for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xup4kPwKC2Q Prior to this Suzi will be appearing main stage at The Fleetwood Folk & Blues Festival in Fleetwood Lancashire which runs from Friday the 31st until Sunday the 2nd of September. https://www.fleetwoodfolkandblues.com/blank She will be accompanied […]
30th July 2018

Blues In The Basement at the 13th Note (Session 4) Sunday 29th of July.

A serious thanks to everybody that came to our 4th Blues In The Basement session yesterday at The 13th Note. We had a list of very talented musicians and singers join us on this one, so thanks for your talent and support! The atmosphere in The Basement was buzzing with a serious blues vibe and it felt really good I can tell you!! Allan Trotter and his band as usual were in top form. Allan’s Stratocaster was crying and wailing out the blues supported by his rock solid blues induced rhythm section Paul on Bass and Eddie on percussion. Allan also treated us to some steel guitar blues playing which was outstanding. We cannot wait until our 5th blues session on Sunday the 26th of August. If we keep getting this kind of support then we will probably try for our blues jam session on a two weekly rota. Bring it on blues people!!!!!
27th July 2018

Double Rock Extravaganza at Ivory Blacks Glasgow. (After The End…Sabbath Tribute & Eezily LED…Zeppelin Tribute) Saturday the 25th August 2018

Hi all you Rock heads out there! Get yourself down to Ivory Blacks in Glasgow on Saturday the 25th of August. We have two excellent Classic Rock tribute bands for your listening pleasure. ‘After The End’ are from Glasgow and if you never ever got to see the real Sabbath live, then this is the nearest your gonna get folks. The bands vocalist Andy Fernon has Mr Ozzy to a T. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed! Eezily LED are the latest and in our view the best Led Zeppelin tribute band to come out of Scotland in a long time. They are real crazy rockers who have honed there craft over a number of Rock Rebellious years. Here again, if you have never seen the real Led Zeppelin then just close your eyes and your there. Lets face it folks, where else are ya gonna hear two Classic Rock tribute bands on the same night. Tickets are £10 and are available now from Tickets Scotland […]
7th July 2018

Birthday Celebration Today for Our Very Own Sweet Suzi here at Ecosse Music.

Hi Folks, We would like to wish a very happy birthday as far as we are concerned, to one of the best blues singers to come out of the US. Yes folks its our very own Sweet Suzi’s birthday today and we hope she has an outstanding day and gets totally spoiled by her family and friends. You deserve it Suzi!! Not only is Suzi a fantastic blues powerhouse of a singer but a good friend to us here at Ecosse Music. This lady has everything. She oozes personality, charm and is hugely talented but completely down to earth. She is a star! We are all looking forward to your visit Suzi at the end of August and your team up with fantastic blues slide guitarist and singer John Carroll. Its gonna be a real powerful union we feel!! Anyway here is a little taster of our Sweet Suzi in action to wet your appetites.
3rd July 2018

AFTER THE END (Sabbath Tribute) to play The Loft in Greenock this Friday July the 6th

The disciples of Black Sabbath will be in Loft Music Venue in Greenock this coming Friday the 6th of July This band are the nearest we have heard to the real thing. Its a pleasure to be able to give all you Sabbath fans and rockers a chance to hear them on your home turf! So get down to The Loft on Friday night and give your ears a severe bashing. You will not be disappointed folks!!!!!! This Band are FABULOUS!!!! Dont Miss Them!!!!! Tickets £6 at the door
27th June 2018

Blues In The Basement At The 13th Note (Session 3) Sunday 24th of June 2018

What a fantastic afternoon we had last Sunday at our third session of Blues In The Basement at The 13th Note. We had a couple of new guitarists and a new drummer joining us on our blues jam session.                                      Special thanks to Miguel (Guitar) from Tenerife, John Keenan (Guitar) and Kenny Robertson on drums. We hope you can all make it back to our fourth session on July the 29th. This is exactly what we are looking for. Lets get the news about that this is happening people! Musicians from anywhere please come down to the Basement and Join our resident blues man Allan Trotter and his blues band. You can play along with Allan and his boys or have the floor to yourself the choice is yours folks. Here is our resident Allan Trotter and his boys in action  
20th June 2018

Sweet Suzi to perform at the famous Big House Blues Bar in Darwen

More great news for us here at Ecosse Music Promotions. Sweet Suzi will be performing at the renowned Big House Blues Bar in Darwen Lancashire on Saturday the 8th of September. She will be blasting her way through a classic blues acoustic set accompanied by another very talented blues musician/singer John Carroll, who makes playing blues slide guitar look easy. If you have not heard Sweet Suzi live before then you are in for a shock!  So get yourself down to the Big House Blues Bar in Darwen and get yourself steeped in the Blues at this iconic dedicated blues bar. https://bighousebluesbar.co.uk/